Chicken Protein Pack

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Have you ever just wanted some pre-cooked, high-quality, delicious protein in the fridge to add to a salad, wrap, or snack without doing the work or worse….overcooking it and not wanting to eat it? New to PPN is our protein packs.

How it works:

If the protein is on the menu that week, we will offer a protein pack containing 4 servings of that protein. The protein will be seasoned similarly to the dish that is being offered so if it is Italian Chicken, expect seasonings like oregano, basil, and thyme. If it’s a southwestern dish, expect cumin, chili powder and garlic. The protein will also be cut in the same way it is being offered, often into strips or cubes.

Here at PPN we understand the need to keep it simple and our protein packs are here to help! Grab one of our Add-on Salads and you’ll have lunch or dinner for days!

Chicken Protein Pack
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